The Moral Equality Of Animals Vs Humans

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The Moral Equality of Animals vs Humans The discretion between animal versus human equality has been a controversial subject for many years. Philosophers and activists have pushed this matter into debate among the general society in our culture. What exactly is moral equality for animals? Some say it is equal rights to animals, and others say it is equal consideration of the animal. To understand the scope of equality based on rights, one must unfold the determination of a right in itself. Carl Cohen argues that animals have no rights, because they do not have the ability to know what a right is, but should never be treated inhumanely (Cohen 339). I will argue that Cohen’s view on animal rights is valid and sound, because animals are of instinct nature and do not perceive in according to human perception. Also, the opposite view would have detrimental effects on our population, economy, and natural habitat. Nevertheless, animals have the ability to feel pain and that aspect, certainly, for the sake of our morality, cannot be ignored. Carl Cohen is a Professor of Philosophy at the University of Michigan. In philosophy, his main interests focus on matters of practical importance including the moral status of animals and the uses of animals in biological science a.k.a animal experimentation. Cohen claims that animals have no rights because they cannot understand what a right is (Cohen 340). A right, according to Cohen, is a claim that someone may exercise against another.
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