The Moral Implications Of The Us Invaded Iraq

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Carl Von Clausewitz was a Prussian Military Theorist in the early eighteen hundred`s who focused on the moral implications of war. He once said “War is the mere continuation of politics by other means”, a statement that has become all too relevant in the twenty-first century. This paper will serve to analyze why the US invaded Iraq in 2003, discussing the underlying agenda of the Bush administration at the time compared to what information was given to the public. First, evaluating how the Bush administration used propaganda to vilify the Iraqi regime as terrorists and convince the US public that invading Iraq was clearly for pre-emptive self-defense. This section shows how the US government at the time framed the Iraq war as…show more content…
“the success of “Bush’s PR War” . . . was largely dependent on a compliant press that uncritically repeated almost every fraudulent administration claim about the threat posed to America by Saddam Hussein” (Altheide & Grimes 2005: 1420). Any politician or news source that tried to provide other information on the matter stating that these claims were not necessarily true fell on deaf ears. “Counterclaims by others, including U.S. senators, were dismissed by the White House and received little press or broadcast attention” (Altheide & Grimes 2005: 1420). The power of patriotism proved to be very powerful at convincing the public, such that, anyone who tried to claim going to war with Iraq was unjust and unfounded was regarded as unpatriotic by their fellow Americans and cast aside along with their opinions. Claiming that Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi regime were terrorists themselves helped the US government convince its people that Invading Iraq was justified; while labeling the Iraq regime as terrorists dehumanized them and made it easier for the US publics fears to be directed as anger and hate. This fear derived hate from the American populous, which was further propelled by mass media aided in greenlighting the invasion of Iraq even when there was no decisive evidence supporting the claims that the Bush
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