The Moral Issue Of Abortion Essay

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The moral issue that is selected in the essay is about abortion. Abortion a standard ethical issue often discussed in moral philosophy. It is a matter that is raised when talking about issues of the beginning of life. The biggest problem that surrounds this concerns the life of the fetus or the unborn child. On whether it has a right to life or whether the mother of the unborn fetus has a right to terminate it or not. A lot of controversies has surrounded this area of the debate, and it is the basis of this discussion that issue has been chosen. Those who hold opposing views about abortion base their argument on the idea that the fetus though unborn has a life like any other born being. Terminating it to them equates to aggressing on their right to life.
Basing on the moral issue selected, abortion has to be accepted. The pregnant mother should have their freedom of choice to decide on whether to hold the pregnancy or terminate it depending on their personal experience and circumstances they encounter. This position developed is premised on some grounds as expounded by the philosopher Peter Singer.
The rights of the women to abort or terminate pregnancy have been actively supported by a scholar/philosopher Prof Peter Singer. He belongs to a philosophical school of thought of utilitarianism – specifically, preferences utilitarianism. In presenting his ideas against abortion, he follows a utilitarian kind of argument. His argument for abortion is discussed below;
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