The Moral Issue Of World Hunger

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Over the course of many years, Hinman discovers that, “the World Bank had defined the absolute poverty level –the level at which people cannot meet basic needs such as food, water, shelter, and the like-at $1 per day income. On that basis, it was calculated that one billion people live in poverty. (Hinman, 364) ” Over one billion people including children are living with nothing that needs help more than ever. It is up to the wealthier nations such as the United States to take the acceptances of their moral responsibility and take it into action on the growing world hunger and poverty that is not only affecting our very own neighbors here in the United States but our neighbors around the world. As a nation, we need to come to together to fight against this particular moral issue of world hunger. I’ve conducted a research on world hunger and poverty from the point of view from the Catholic Church, how world hunger has evolved over time and expose the particular stance of world hunger and poverty. As of right now, we need to put aside our differences and start helping those in needs for a better chance in life for now and generations to come. In the Catholic Church, they feel that’s humanly right to help those in need. To continue, they mention that every individual born was given the same birthrights to live a right life. When poverty and hunger happens either here in the United States or in another country, the Catholic Church’s mission to help these…

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