The Moral Issues of Artificial Insemination Essay

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Although infertility is a significant problem in the United States today, “artificial reproductive technologies” are often avoided due to negative perceptions (Barbieri 203). In 2005 10 percent of American couples were infertile. There are numerous causes that sometimes can be avoided. When there is no way to fix it, there are ways to treat it.
Stress can cause infertility because hormones take over the body producing more cortisol which suppresses sperm count (U.S.: 2.1). The added physical, mental and financial pressures of assisted reproduction can decrease the chances of pregnancy. Women who were part of a stress management program during IVF treatments had a 160 percent better chance at pregnancy than women who were not a part of it
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Also toxins, such as marijuana and alcohol, can negatively affect egg reproduction. Once these eggs are damaged they cannot be replaced. In men, damaged sperm can be replaced about every three months (Sher). Infertility can be very depressing for women who strive to have children. It can be very difficult to accept the fact that biological children may not be possible. Feminists say women should resist the idea that infertility is a matter of desperation…desperation is a word you see everywhere, as if infertility were the worst possible calamity that could befall anyone. You don’t want to suggest that nobody has a right to have a child biologically, that all should adopt. (In Vitro)

Women should not feel that they have to alter their bodies to conceive a child, but all women have a right to have a biological child, which is why these technologies were created. Women do have the right to feel desperate but before they do so, they should explore all their options of surrogacy, artificial insemination and adoption.
Preexisting conditions in a woman can leave them infertile. Common problems are abnormal ovulation, damaged ovaries, pelvic inflammatory disease and endometriosis. Occasionally antibodies or allergies can be formed by a woman to her partner’s sperm (Sher 35). A man produces millions of sperm a day but about 40 percent of them will be faulty (Barbieri 31). Abnormalities of amount and liquidity of sperm, which can be inherited
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