The Moral Life of a Teacher

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The Moral Life of a Teacher

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In the context of professional ethics, morals refer to so much more than lessons learned from fairy tales. Greene provides that a moral refers to a varied selection of values, judgments of right and wrong, good and bad as well as relational judgments concerning peoples' actions (Greene, 1973). Many professionals, including teachers, are often held to a high standard of morality. Morals are measured through many mediums; there are personal values, professional standards, societal norms and legal statutes which are a few examples of foundations that morals are compared against. This response will examine the current legal context associated with teachers in regards to morals and ethics.
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It seems that legally, whenever this duty is not met, misconduct has occurred. Neither of these cases contained evidence of direct harm to students or the school system. This concerns the issue of the evidentiary process that the courts are using in cases involving teacher misconduct. As a result of courts looking at teacher misconduct in the large scale frame of the role of a teacher, and the education system as whole, judicial bodies are facing situations where they look to the perceived or potential harm of a teachers conduct in deciding whether or not misconduct has occurred. The British Columbia Court of Appeal based its decisions on assumptions that the public was aware that the wrongdoers were teachers. Thus far, it has been made clear through the two discussed cases, that teacher's personal beliefs and activities outside of the classroom are subject to disciplinary action and possible dismissal. The case that was presented as the narrative for this topic was a recently litigated decision from the Supreme Court of Canada. Ross vs. New Brunswick Supreme Court of Appeal, dealt directly with the issue of teacher misconduct in the context of discriminatory practices. Ross, who had published his anti-Semitic views outside of the school context, was held responsible for professional misconduct for discrimination against a minority group, and his contract was terminated. This Supreme Court decision is important for several reasons,
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