The Moral Of Moral Agents

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Moral Agents The moral agents in this situation are the parents, the children, and the application developer. The parents are faced with the awkward situation of using the application to track their kids for a multitude of reasons. One of the most apparent reasons would be to use the application with the intent of knowing who their children are interacting with and possibly where they go when they are out of the house. The children do have some possible choices to make regarding this supposed invasion of privacy with varying degrees of moral standing. They could look into using applications that mask their activity or employ the less moral route of removing the software entirely. Finally, the developer himself is in control of the entire scenario since it all hangs on his choice of going forward with the development of the application. After all, if he just refuses to take part in the project and takes the consequences that follow such a choice, he is removed from the discussion entirely. What is at stake? Who/What are the stakeholders? The most obvious stakeholder is the company that develops the application. This company has to balance financial longevity with maintaining a moral and legal standing in society. The primary goal of any software company is to make money and by creating a controversial piece of software, this company is risking a potential loss of revenue in order to be on the bleeding edge of new trends. If there is any sort of public backlash over the
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