The Moral Of Moral Relativism

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The definition of moral relativism is that the moral judgments of true or false is relative based on many factors and there is no universal moral judgment is absolutely right or wrong. In this paper, I want to argue for moral relativism. In my opinion, there is no objective morality that all morality is made of people’s opinion, which influenced by different culture, time, and all the factors around individuals. Different society has different moral codes because of their diverse culture, which influence the judgments of right or wrong in this society. The moral code is among many and there is no objective standard can use to judge it. The two different groups of people live in the different culture that they are accustomed to their habit…show more content…
So, this is the second reason I want to argue for morality is relative. However, some people hold the view that the objective morality actually exists. The definition of objective morality is that some idea about morality is beyond people’s opinion that it is absolutely right as the truth. People who support that the objective morality actually exists always use some simple issues as their evidences. But when we thinking it carefully we can always find some disproof. A behavior can be found in a large number of the works during a specific period illustrates that the behavior is comfort to the value of the society. However, with the developing of the society, people find incest has many disadvantages then people started to forbid this action. Finally it became a subconscious moral judgment that it is wrong to do that. From my perspective, I think the “objective” moral is every people and society’s judgment reaches a consensus because today’s world really has a close connection from one society to another that every society has more or less influence to other societies or be influenced by other societies. It is not strange to find that some aborigines have their own morality, which is hard for us to accept because their society is separate to the mainstream society and their morality stem from their own culture and history. To conclude, I consider that morality is relative
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