The Moral Permissibility of Legalizing Active Euthanasia Essay

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The Moral Permissibility of Legalizing Active Euthanasia To date, in the united States of America, active euthanasia has been seen as unacceptable in legal terms. However, the issue is not so clear in moral terms among the public, and especially among the medical community. In fact, nearly half of the doctors in the United States say that they would prescribe active euthanasia under certain circumstances. The law that prohibits active euthanasia restricts many people from doing what they feel morally justified to do. The moral aspects of killing a person would be the primary point in the argument that society would be harmed by the legalization of voluntary active euthanasia. Therefore, it …show more content…
In Rachels example the action, or lack of action, is not the relevant point because in each case in the example the actions are the same.
Instead, it is the intentions of the person which are important and relevant because the intentions in each case are obviously not the same. I agree with Rachel and I too believe the moral difference between killing and letting die does not lye in the action a person takes, but in the intentions of a person in carrying out those action(s). Furthermore, it is important to understand that if one of the two actions is going to be accepted it is logical that they both be accepted because the actions are not morally different. To say that killing is morally impermissible and letting die is morally permissible or vice versa seems to be ignorant. Specific cases for killing and letting die can be presented where the equality of the moral permissibility between the two can be put into question. For example, a hunter walking in the woods trips over a rock and shoots his son who dies, while in the other part of town a mother finds her baby lying face down in water filled bathtub, does nothing about it, and the baby dies. The first part of this scenario depicts an obvious case of killing, while the second part
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