The Moral Principles Of Health Care

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The moral principles apply values and judgments to the practice of medicine as well as in our daily life. These do not give answers as to how to handle a particular situation, but provide a useful framework for our understanding. It represents concepts and values that can set the general ethical character and approach for health care. According to Paul and Ian (2009), it provides a comprehensive description of how medical practitioners should behave but sometime It confuses the roles of ethics and law in medicine, leading to inappropriate and mistaken injunctions about decision making and responsibilities. According to Sturman et al. (2014, p.8), there is a need to explore common ethical issues like confidentiality, writing medical certificates, professional boundaries and affordability of health care in contexts which are relevant to students. These provide a reflection of ethics and professionalism teaching, mentoring and role-modeling. According to AMA Code of Ethics(2009),Because of the special knowledge and expertise, health professionals have a responsibility to improve and maintain the health of their patients who, either in a vulnerable state of illness or for the maintenance of their health, entrust themselves to medical care. So, I think that understanding of ethics and by sensitizing health professional with the issues governs the activities of each profession as well as that of health profession.
Code of Professional Conduct presents and promotes a body of
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