The Moral Principles Which Control An Individual 's Behaviour

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Ethics is the name for the moral principles which control an individual’s behaviour. Ethics is also known as moral philosophy, which is the discipline concerned with what is morally right and wrong. In my assignment I will look into how a Utilitarian and a Kantian react to a specific scenario, seeing how both perspectives differ and deciding which one is better in the given scenario. Utilitarianism is the theory in normative ethics that believes the best action is the one which provides the most happiness. This is known as the Greatest Happiness Principle, the belief that the less pain an act produces, the more morally praiseworthy that action will be. Kantianism on the other hand is the belief of Emmanuel Kant, asserting that the act…show more content…
The second is the Hedonic Principle, which is the belief that not all pleasures are of the same worth as you have bodily pleasures, intellectual pleasures and aesthetic pleasures. Finally is the Equity Principle, which believes each individuals happiness is equal when making a decision, nobody’s happiness is more important than anyone else’s. Utilitarian could act several ways in this situation depending on what type of utilitarian they were. The basis of most utilitarian’s decisions is to provide the most happiness and least pain so they would assess whether the happiness of the women outweighs the unhappiness of the shop keeper. An act utilitarian believes in assessing individual situations when making a decision, so in this case an act utilitarian would want to know the background of the women. By assessing the situation an act utilitarian could find out that the women possibly stole because she couldn’t afford baby food and desperately needed it for her baby meaning looking at it from an act utilitarian point of view is effective in producing the best outcome this woman and her baby which would most definitely outweigh the unhappiness of the shopkeeper. So an act utilitarian would be likely to not tell as they know the situation of the women and she had to steal for the wellbeing of her baby. A rule utilitarian believes in following general
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