The Moral Principles of Premarital Sex Essay

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The Moral Principles of Premarital Sex
English 2
Katherine Fitch
Madison College

Author Note
This paper was prepared for English 2, taught by Mary Sarko.
Over many years, the views of premarital sex have been becoming increasingly more tolerant. The whole reasoning behind why sex was created is lost in the minds of society and used for pleasure and own physical satisfaction. There are negative consequences for these actions leading to guilt, depression, and numbness to intimate relationships. Having strong parental influence can also strongly affect the outcomes of adolescence and causal sex. Additionally, marriage can be
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Hence, even if there may be a motivation for casual sex because of developing one’s script or fulfilling a man’s physical satisfaction and a women’s intimacy in a relationship, there are the same emotional effects and negative outcomes that result from taking part in premarital sex. An action that was morally right would not have
THE MORAL PRINCIPLES OF PREMARTIAL SEX negative emotional and psychological consequences, which would conclude casual sex was not intended to be done before marriage. There is also another consequence for participating in casual sex such as disturbance in later marriage. Sexual scripts can be written prior to marriage, providing knowledge about their own abilities, leading to a stable marriage because they may be able to make more informed choices concerning marriage. It is also very likely for someone to misunderstand physical intimacy with emotional potential, leading to disruption in marriage and make worse marital choices (Kahn, London, 1991).
How is Marriage Effected? In today’s society, adolescents have a positive opinion about cohabitation before marriage. The view of marriage as an institution has faded and cohabitation has taken a new part of this culture (Martin, Specter, Martin, & Martin, 2003). It has often been questioned whether or not premarital sexual activity causes marriages to be disrupted. According to Teachman, Premarital sex and cohabitation has not
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