The Moral Self, Moral Injury, And Moral Emotions

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The Moral Self, Moral Injury, and Moral Emotions
The podcast between John Gavazzi and Nina Strohminger on morality have a few key themes that are discussed, including the moral self, moral injury, and moral emotions. Morality in psychology initially focused on Lawrence Kohlberg’s stages of moral development, which were based on people’s ability to articulate what their moral objectives were. So, a person’s moral stage, or how advanced a person is, was determined by their explanations to the moral decisions they made. However, a newer way of looking at this is that we shouldn’t make the assumption that people are conscious of the reasons as to why they make certain moral decisions. Although people may have moral intuition, they might not …show more content…

Also, they questioned whether it had more to do with the quantity of changes or the qualities that were being changed. They found that a person’s morality, or at least their perception of their morality, is relatively difficult to change because moral belief systems are resistant to change. However, their beliefs might be changing with more frequency than they are willing to admit to themselves.
Dr. Strohminger believes that given new insight into moral psychology, clinical psychologists will begin to apply it to their research. In her own research, she’s found that the diagnosis of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) may relate to morality. She sees PTSD as a moral injury in certain cases. Moral injury is a relatively new concept that is not well configured, nor well researched. Simply put, moral injury is that something has happened in a person’s life that goes completely against their own moral belief system. An example of this would be a person at war. People are told from a young age that taking another person’s life is wrong and immoral, but then they usually end up doing it while at war. This traumatic event can be seen as a moral injury because it shatters their sense of a moral self. In addition to soldiers perceiving themselves as having changed, their love ones also perceive them as no longer being the same as the person they once were. This is because their

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