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The Moral Sense Test (, is comprised of multiple tests, three of which the website uses to complete the surveyed user’s “morality profile.” These three test are quantifying the test-takers levels of morality, disgust, and empathy. Exactly what hypothesis is being tested through building this morality profile, however, cannot be released as the researchers feel it could bias test-takers answers. Before any tests can begin, all users must give consent and answer questions about personal information such as gender and religion so that results may be sorted between different genders and different religions. The first test is disgust, obviously used to determine how easily disgusted the test taker is, consisting of twenty-seven predetermined but randomly selected questions. The questions could be answered on a scale from “does not describe me well” to “neutral” to “describes me very well,” with notches also in between “neutral” and the other two selections. The questions vary between very simply answered questions such as “I would rather eat a piece of fruit than a piece of paper,” to questions that required more thought like “You accidentally touch the ashes of a person who has been cremated.” The level of disgust is determined and weighed against the general public, different genders, and different religions. The same pattern continues with the next two tests, empathy and morality. The empathy test follows the same scale as the test on
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