The Moral Standards Of Professional Athletes

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There is a lot of controversy regarding the moral standards of professional athletes. Some think that they deserve the same treatment as any other person while others feel they should be placed under higher moral standards. The bottom line is that athletes are under constant watch of fans and media and are role models for the youth in our society, thus they need to be moral leaders as much as they are sports role models. This means that they are to be placed under higher moral standards. Being a professional athlete is like any other job, they choose this career. It is not available to everybody so it is a privilege for those who qualify, therefore they get the responsibility that comes with the job title. There is no doubt that sports are one of the biggest aspects of a young child 's life. It is readily available to them and is entertaining. A lot of young people have their favorite player, or their favorite team and are constantly watching and following their lead. They are trying to step up into the shoes of their role model and become as good as their hero. This means that the athlete must set the correct path for the young people to follow. They must be set the right moral guidelines. Kids are going to grow up and try to be just like these athletes and it is the responsibility of that athlete to give them the correct image to strive for. Professional athletes are bound to an important constriction, an employer-employee bond. What this means is, like any other

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