The Moral Statutes Are Replaced The Bill Of Rights

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After the war, things were never the same for Ember and her mother, Lori Wittman. The Moral Statutes have replaced the Bill of Rights. There are no more police. No more staying up after curfew. No more control of your life. No more independent choices. The FBR have taken over the government and are patrolling each and every city for article violators. If you are caught breaking a statute, you get arrested and go on trial, but instead of going to jail and completing a sentence, you are sent to a reformatory or rehabilitation center and in some cases, worse. Most people Ember knew didn’t come back from their trials. After violating Article 5 of the Moral Statutes, Ember and her mother are arrested by non other than Embers ex-crush, Chase Jennings. The FBR takes Lori to a Rehabilitation and Detention Center while Ember is sent off to a Girls’ Reformatory and Rehabilitation center. As Ember plots her escape from the Girls Reformatory to reconnect to her mother, Chase is forced by his CO to shoot Ember’s mother in her detention cell. Chase didn 't have the heart to kill Ember’s mother, so a different soldier from his garrison shot Ember’s mom instead. before her mother died she told Chase to find Ember, get her somewhere safe, and take care of her. Chase decides the only way to keep Ember safe is to personally take her to a safe house, so Chase goes “AWOL”and makes fake trial papers and convinces Brock, the headmistress of the Girls Reformatory to let Ember go on trial.…

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