The Moral Statutes Are Replaced The Bill Of Rights

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After the war, things were never the same for Ember and her mother, Lori Wittman. The Moral Statutes have replaced the Bill of Rights. There are no more police. No more staying up after curfew. No more control of your life. No more independent choices. The FBR have taken over the government and are patrolling each and every city for article violators. If you are caught breaking a statute, you get arrested and go on trial, but instead of going to jail and completing a sentence, you are sent to a reformatory or rehabilitation center and in some cases, worse. Most people Ember knew didn’t come back from their trials. After violating Article 5 of the Moral Statutes, Ember and her mother are arrested by non other than Embers ex-crush,…show more content…
With the FBR on their tails as they cross the states, Chase and Ember must solve their conflicts between each other. This started with Chase’s enrolment into the FBR and leaving Ember so they can work together and get to safety. Ember ends up running away from Chase multiple times as they are on their way to the carrier,due to their disagreements and past relationship. As Chase and Ember reach the carrier 's house, The FBR barge in and search the place. The original carrier gets caught smuggling missing and runaway persons and fugitives into hiding and is shot by the FBR as Chase and Ember are hiding inside. They manage to escape the FBR and run off into the woods to find the second carrier, however; along the way they meet a family who Chase and Ember had not realized were good friends with the FBR. They would of been arrested if it weren 't for Embers eavesdropping on the family’s plan. The two outrun the FBR and eventually find “the resistance” headquarters where Chase tells Ember the truth about her mother. Ember is devastated at the truth and decides to run away, but this time Chase isn’t there to save her so she gets caught by the FBR and is sent to a detention facility where the despicable Tucker Morris is in charge. Chase turns himself in at the same
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