The Morality Of Animal Testing In Today's Society

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Animals for animal testing are given life for a short time just to have it ripped out by a scientist in a lab coat. If it was a human child that was treated in the same way nobody would stand for it, why? Because animal testing is inhumane, cruel, and morally wrong. Animal testing started with “William Harvey 400 years ago to learn how blood circulated in the body” (FAQ). In a time before medical and technological advancements it was necessary to use animals to develop cures for horrible diseases such as smallpox and polio (Cook). However, in today’s society with a cure or vaccine for over 250 known diseases, Not to mention the 10 infectious diseases that have been 90% eradicated from the Western world (Lloyd). Animal testing is becoming obsolete with the modern advancements in today’s growing world.
Inhumane as defined by is
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Nonetheless, that was over 700 years ago, the world has made many advances since then. Scientist are now able to grow cell cultures resulting in the creation of organs and different tissues that can be used in place of the animals for testing (Lloyd). When these horrendous diseases were actively seen in the world scientists did not have the laboratories and donors to enable their research. However, these resources are available today making it so the scientist choose the testing on animals over the other available options.
Today research can be done without the harming or killing of animals through the intense and cruel testing of both medical and cosmetic trails. Cruelty is defined as “willfully or knowingly causing pain or distress to others” (Cruel). The painful testing and treatment that the animals undergo daily can vary anywhere from simple eye irritations and burns from the cosmetics to losses of limbs, bleeding out, and eventually
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