The Morality Of Sex Is An Arguable Topic Among Many Individuals

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“Either is moral, provided only that both parties take the relationship seriously and that it is based on values.”- Ayn Rand The morality of sex is an arguable topic among many individuals. How we ought to view sex and the purpose of sex (if any) can be differently apprehended from person to person. Is our human nature modified for long or short-term relationships? And if so, what kind? Monogamous, polygamous, or none at all? Turns out, people are adapted to all kinds of relationships, but our choice is dependent on factors such as gender, age, religion, and our environment surrounding us. Sex is natural and okay—it is not anything to be ashamed, guilty or embarrassed of, so long that it is done in a moral way. So let’s go ahead and define what is moral in terms of sexual relationships, first for ethicist Alan H. Goldman. Goldman strongly believes a reasonable interpretation of sex to morality is required, that neither depletes its significance in a system of value or underappreciates the pleasurable feeling associated with sex. By viewing sex just as it is, as plain sex, a “conceptual equilibrium” can be attained. He also notes how sex is misrepresented in philosophical writings by associating a specific intention or goal with sex, such as reproduction or interpersonal awareness. What Goldman believes sex is not, is for reproduction. He states that marriage symbolizes the investment to a family life, not a sexual relationship. By associating such views with sex, it is

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