The Morality Of The Abortion Of A Fetus

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Introduction: In this essay, the morality of the abortion of a fetus will be discussed in a drama involving a married couple named Deb and Derek (Smolkin, Bourgeois & Findler, 2010). For clarification purposes, we must first define the topic of this discussion; abortion is defined as the act in which a female voluntarily terminates her pregnancy where this act is legally permitted (Warren, 1973). Deb who is 16 weeks pregnant discovers that the fetus she is carrying will most likely be born mentally challenged (Smolkin et al., 2010). As the drama unfolds, the couple ponders the negative impact this child will have on their business, marriage as well as the quality of life that their child will experience if it is carried to term (Smolkin…show more content…
Marquis concludes that abortion deprives a fetus of its potential life and ultimately results in the greatest loss one can comprehend: life (1989). It is important to note that there are many arguments regarding what constitutes a person, or when in development a fetus attains personhood; however, in Deb’s case we will consider the 16-week-old fetus in the drama to be a person. Targeted Objections to Anti-Abortion: When finding objections to how one considers abortion to be morally impermissible, it is clear to see that one can target flaws in the argument that if one is satisfied with themselves being terminated during their mother’s pregnancy then they must provide that courtesy to an unborn fetus. Although objections to this example are hard to come by for the person experiencing what constitutes a “good life”, it is easy to consider scenarios in which we could potentially exist in, and decide whether we would be satisfied with a future that is less than desirable (Hare, 1975). From the latter, it seems logical to argue the potential value of one’s satisfaction with future with the potential of one’s dissatisfaction of the future due to unforeseen circumstances. When considering the many undesirable potential
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