The Morality of Euthanasia Essay

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The Morality of Euthanasia Technology has brought about drastic changes in the morality of today’s society. One organization it has greatly effected is the medical field. Few would argue with the fact that medical technology has greatly improved the quality of life. However, with doctors and other health care workers having the authority to contribute to both the patients’ well-being and inevitable death, society believes there should be limits to best serve the patient’s wishes. The controversial issue that society now stands against, and questions is the practice of euthanasia. Is this “medical advancement” ethical? Attitudes towards death changed rapidly in the twentieth century as a result of the tremendous …show more content…
It had come under the control of the doctor who could manipulate the time and length of dying with medical technology. The medical profession, however, saw death as a failure and doctors frequently chose to avoid dealing with a patient who would soon die. As a result, patients were, and still are, heavily medicated, permitting them to slip away, unknowingly or “snowed out”(Williams 112), the complete opposite of the medieval period when men and women prepared themselves, made their peace, and then welcomed death. But by 1985, an estimated eighty- percent of those who died did so in a hospital or a nursing home, under the care of strangers. In addition, these strangers have been taught in their medical education that their job is to fend off death. So they perform their duties under the growing fear that if every effort is not made to postpone death they have failed and may be sued for a “mercy killing” (Knopf 8). Today death is often correlated with seriously ill or aging patients and physicians and other health care workers all over the world are receiving training to deal with death, hospice care is taking death out of the hospital and bringing it back to the home. Even though many still want to follow the traditional way in dealing with death, family, friends and health officials should be able to handle the situation in accordance with the best interest of the terminally ill patient. As
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