The Moravian Roots Of North And South Campus

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After viewing several different sculptures on North and South campus, I have come to the conclusion to use the Moravian Roots one and two, and the John Amos Comenius because these two pieces of art stood out to be the center of attention on both campuses. The Moravian Roots was created in 2010, by Steve Tobin. The John Amos Comenius was created by Vincenc Makovksy. I have chosen one abstract piece of artwork, which is the Moravian Roots, versus the John Amos Comenius sculpture, which is a figurative sculpture to compare and contrast as well as give descriptive details about the two pieces The sculpture on South Campus at Moravian College commonly known as Moravian Roots one and two has a significant meaning behind the moderately new sculpture. There are two of the same type of sculptures in the same place, signifying the same meaning. This sculpture seems to be abstract, since we are taking the form of what it looks like to create a meaning, which can be something different in other people’s eyes. The sculpture is a dark black shade that naturally blends in with the surroundings, therefore making it blend in with its natural surroundings. The negative space between the roots are easily seen since its roots are based in various directions, showing us how far the roots of the sculpture and realistically Moravian has grown. There is no base or pedestals for these two sculptures who go hand in hand together, but it is roughly around five feet standing upward and going in

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