The More Factor Essay

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In The More Factor author Laurence Shames explains that Americas fascination of wanting as much of everything as possible has played a key role in building this nations character and has been evident through Americas short history. Laurence Shames claims that the so called "ethic of decency" has been absent in the American way of life and replaced by an "ethic of success". While Shames has a valid point, I consider the lack of emphasis on decency and contentment in America a positive rather negative. Shames suggests that in the 1800's Americas love of possession and want was born. The Wild west was a frontier that created opportunity which led to more. Shames uses the idea of expansion, the Wild West, and the frontier…show more content…
If people were simply content with what they already had then what would be the point of living because everybody would be the same. Dennis Rodman is a perfect example of this. Dennis Rodman made it to the NBA as a normal basketball player, but he wanted more along with a different kind of success. To do this Rodman disregarded decency and created an image and in effect created a name for himself. A name that would be known and remembered. By cutting off the idea of more and simply being content with being decent we would kill our own dreams. I like everyone else am going to college to get an education and get a job, but my dream also is to play soccer professionally and that is also why I'm going to college. I'm not content with just a normal job I want to play soccer and be known. Everyone has dreams. Shames wants us to create an "ethic of decency" and an "ideal of contentment" instead of an "ethic of success", but if we lost the want of more and "ethic of success" we would lose our dreams, morals, hopes and ambitions we created in our minds for ourselves as individuals. If this happened individualism would be lost then America would be filled with people doing just enough to get by and would be a boring place to live because everyone would be thinking the same and have the same
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