The Mormon Belief System

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The Mormon belief system has many different principles that are unique and set themselves apart from other world religions, one of which being their views on cosmology. The Mormon cosmology belief is the description of the physical and metaphysical universe. Their beliefs on the subject are deeply engrained in the religion’s basic faith; cosmology is related to the church’s views on divinity, extraterrestrial life, pre-mortal existence, and the afterlife. Mormon divinity revolves around the core beliefs in exaltation and eternal progression: the idea that mortals will be given an opportunity to have leading roles in other heavenly kingdoms, themselves. One of the key goals in Mormonism is to achieve exaltation through Jesus’s atonement; as a result they inherit godly attributes. Mormonism holds the belief that people who follow God’s example will become like gods in the afterlife, having “all power, glory, dominion, and knowledge” (LDS Church 227). This belief that people may one day become god-like figures in the afterlife leads to the assumption that Mormons believe in the existence of other worlds like the one that we live in, that exalted people would be able to rule over. The teachings of Mormonism also include that the exalted will live with their earthly families in the next life and “have spirit children” (LDS Church 11), continuing the growth of their families. According to the Mormonism belief, exaltation is obtained only by reaching the most high of the degrees
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