The Mormon Church A Short Time After Meeting Alexander

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Arias had a pattern of unstable interpersonal romantic relationships with men, and the dynamics repeated in her relationships. She alternated between extremes of idealization and devaluation, and she was a chameleon, changing herself to fit in the people around her, in this case joining the Mormon Church a short time after meeting Alexander. In the beginning of these relationships she displayed intense fascination and were intrigued by their personality quirks, when she was ready to move on she then made claims of sexual deviancy, physical and emotional abuse, and in the case of Alexander, even stated he was a pedophile.
What is not in dispute any longer is that Arias is a liar. During police interviews Arias told authorities several lies, aside from the obvious lies” I would never hurt him”, “If I did that, I’d be fully ready to face the consequences. I’m all for the Ten Commandments – thou shall not kill,”, she said that they she last saw Travis in April of 2008, she didn’t speak to him on the day he died, she even told Detective Flores she “had never seen” Alexanders new camera, and that Alexander never owned a gun. Once she was confronted that there was proof she was in the home on the date of the murder, she devised a story about two masked intruders that broke into Alexander’s house, attacked her and killed Alexander. She continued to tell this story for several years, she participated in a three-hour interview with 48 Hours in which she continued to tell the…
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