Essay on The Morning After Pill

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Women face with unplanned pregnancies, deciding between whether to end or keep their pregnancy. Many women have abortions if they didn’t want their child, while others have the child and hope to take care of him/her. There is a better step of stopping a pregnancy, by the morning after pill also known as plan. This is a common one two process that teens/women don’t really here about. According to the blog “should the morning after pill be used to prevent pregnancy?” No, this pill is outrageous. If you are so worried about getting pregnant there are ulterior motives to doing so. There are these new inventions call condoms! There are so many ways to practice safe sex than being lazy and popping some pill. If you truly think you are mature…show more content…
Replying to that Nicole Lane stated Of course girls and guys alike should use protection and be "safer" and more conscious of choices they are making, but what about the times when there isn't a choice? First let me continue to elaborate for a moment, I'm sure there are the people who feel the morning after pill is killing a baby, but that's just it...nobody knows they are pregnant! This pill is nothing more than spermicide in a pill form. It PREVENTS pregnancy, it's not that it kills an unborn baby. You don't even become pregnant until implantation which can take up to 15 days before that happens. If a woman is raped by a man who doesn't wear protection, not only is she going to deal with taking tests to make sure she hasn't contracted a disease, but now she has to deal with what if she is pregnant what will she do? will she keep the baby give the baby up for adoption or have an abortion? HMM here is a better solution that isn't invasive, take a pill that prevents the egg from being fertilized and implanting and making an embryo (8). The morning after pill does have some side effects also (stomachache, headache, tiredness, dizziness, lower abdominal cramping, and breast tenderness). The side effects are not long but short-term and sometimes might not happen. I agree with Nicole Lane she made some good points in her debate against Lacey Melanson. But! Lacey Melanson have a point to, Why not just wear condoms! And if you are not that old enough why is u having sex? I
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