The Morrill Act : A Positive Change

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The Morrill Act has made a positive change in our society by improving the education system and molding our education system to better help the people of our country and the country itself. The Morrill Act gave each state 30,000 acres for every representative it had.

The Morrill act then allowed the individual state to sell that land and use the money to start schools that would be open to more than just the upper class. These education system was now changed forever. No longer taught did they only teach Greek and Latin, instead they taught things that were relevant to our country and that would help not only new students but the whole society.

Classes taught would help farmers produce more and it also taught young people skilled trades that we needed to help improve and build up our country. Schools now worked to teach agriculture and new agriculture tactics along with mechanics and military tactics all while still teaching literary and scientific studies. The Morrill Act is also credited with helping to provide new leaders and workers for the country.

My motivations for going to college include many things that include stepping out into a bigger world than just my small hometown, also seeing what other opportunities may await me. Other motivations I have for going to college is to get a higher level of education to help me find a future job and hopefully a future career. Being able to expand my horizons is another motivation, by doing this it may open doors for me in…
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