The Mortal Instruments City Of Bones Essay

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Amanda Van Der Merwe ‘Everything you’ve heard about monsters, about nightmares, legends whispered around campfires...all the stories are true’- Isabelle Lightwood. ‘The Mortal Instruments, City of Bones’, written by Cassandra Clare in the early 2000’s, follows the seemingly ordinary teenager, Clary Fray as she discovers that she descents from a line of warriors, locked in an ancient battle to protect the ‘mundane’ world from demons. After the sudden disappearance of her mother, Clary must join forces with a group of young Shadowhunters, who introduces her to a dangerous and alternative New York; called the Shadow world, filled with demons, werewolves, vampires and many other deadly creatures. From examining this dynamic text; Cassandra…show more content…
Through this example, Cassandra shows us how Jace’s outlook on love changed throughout the story- in this quote Alec Lightwood; ‘parabatai’ of Jace, explains to Clary how dissimilar Jace has become ever since Clary became known to him, because this is the first time that Jace has ever ‘allowed himself to love’. A example beyond this text that shows the power of love, is the story of the Russian couple Boris and Anna Kozlov. They got married in 1946 and three days after their ceremony, Boris was called back to his unit in the Red Army. The two never saw each other for 60 years, with Anna’s family being exiled and Boris left in the army with no contact, but they never stopped loving each other. Miraculously, Boris and Anna arrived at the same town after six decades and all their feelings for one another returned. The time spent away from each other had not destroyed the bond they once had. Anna and Boris got married again, and become the lovely old couple everyone admires. “We have a love that moves the sun and all the other stars.” Also, Cassandra teaches us the importance of family. The conflict of the story, revolves around the unexpected disappearance of Clary’s mother; Jocelyn. Clary than willingly dives into the ‘unknown and dangerous Shadow world’, in search of her loving ‘mother’. Clary will do anything to find her mother and make sure she is safe. This demonstrates the incredibly strong and true bond between a mother and her

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