The Mosaic Of Our Identity Analysis

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The mosaic of our identity is crafted through our lifetime by the beliefs that we hold and the experiences that we share with others. Each life experience is a small piece of the puzzle that comes together to craft an artwork describing the integral portions of our identity. This artwork is then presented to the public through our actions towards others leaving the individual’s identity to be perceived through on the viewer’s interpretation. Sometimes, this interpretation is drastically different than its intended result. I admit I have made generalizations of individuals by not allowing myself look at the whole mosaic of their personality and instead only small portions of it. The true level of uniqueness in each individual was, for me, often overlooked and generalized; people fit into tight boxes with only the portions of the personality I quickly accepted. It was not until my high school junior year that I was able to begin to understand my ignorance. In my junior year,…show more content…
That day I gained a friend and a new understanding of the complexities of human beings.
Not only in this experience did I learn to overlook previous judgments, but it also taught me to recognize the diversity of others. I continue to study, learning of the complexity of emotion and the human experience by listening to the stories of the people around me.
When I volunteer at church to when I meet new people in class, I always strive to view the world from the eyes of the other individual to see their reasoning and the way they present their own identity. On this journey to understanding, my identity continues to evolve as I challenge myself to leave my comfort zone and look at the world from different perspectives. I am always trying to improve my own mosaic of identity, adding new colors and patterns to it with the people I meet every
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