The Most Active Area Of Our Plate Tectonics Essay

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While tracking all of Earths major earthquakes and volcanos there became trends that developed. These trends allowed me to actually learn from our own Earth. The most active area of our plate tectonics was subduction zones. This type of plate boundary was the reason for the majority of the earthquakes documented over the semester. Most of these earthquakes were shallow, but at times had very deep focal points. Because of the old, cold plate being sub ducted I saw significantly more deep focus earthquakes in this tectonic setting. Subduction zones were also responsible for the deepest earthquakes that were experienced throughout the semester. While capturing the title of the most active, deepest earthquakes, it also produced the largest earthquakes of the semester. Subduction zones accounted for nearly all of the earthquakes that registered a magnitude above 5.7. Because of these earthquakes being the largest, they also created the most damage. These plates were able to cause the most damage because of how much elastic energy they could store in their old, cold, and brittle plates. There were several earthquakes throughout the semester that took the lives of the people living in the area while causing destruction on their community infrastructure. Subduction zones also turned out to be the setting for most of the active volcanos that I charted throughout the semester. The most common type of volcano over the semester was a stratovolcano. Most of these were found along the
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