The Most Common Chronic Disease

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Asthma is the most common chronic disease found in children from developed worlds. Today, approximately ten million children in the United States alone suffer from asthma. Asthma is believed to be increasing dramatically in direct correlation with air pollutants, household chemical exposure, certain allergens, and even food additives. Extensive studies have been conducted on childhood asthma and its association to the exposure of many of these known allergens. Ubiquitous tests have examined exposure to allergens from many household pets such as dogs, cats, and even farm animals; other studies have examined allergens from things such as tobacco smoke, cockroach exposure, mold/fungi exposure, and air pollution levels. These studies have concluded that many pivotal factors play a role in sensitizing an individual to an allergen. Like stated above, many of these tests have found that numerous factors come into play in determining whether an individual may or may not be sensitized to an allergen. Factors can include variables such as age, ethnic group, social and physical environment, and exposures to things such as: certain food additives, drugs, strong odors, and perfumes. Physical activity is also linked to exacerbated asthma symptoms, leading many to strongly believe in the correlation between the pollutants found in today’s physical environment and the ever-increasing asthma-like symptoms found in much of todays youth. Whether or not all of these factors contribute equally
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