The Most Common Form Of Brain Injury

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Annually, 1.4 million people in the United States have experienced some degree of a traumatic brain injury. 1.4 million people every year. And who, you may wonder, is at the highest risk? Children, ages 0 to 14 and young adults, ages 15-19.
The term “traumatic brain injury” (TBI) refers to a brain injury caused by trauma rather than disease, vascular accidents, or alcohol. Incidences of Traumatic Brain Injury have had a significant surge as they are more recognized by the medical profession. Occurring in many different ways; falls, sports, clumsiness, car accidents, tumors, surgery, mentality, etc, TBI is “...the most common form of brain injury in the modern Western world predominantly affecting young adults, many of whom suffer
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These problems and limitations affect all aspects of daily life, including the social domain. Just like the way information is encoded and understood shapes social learning, social impairments also influence social development (Turkstra et al.). This means that in general, adolescents and young adults need to be able to perceive, understand the implied meaning, and respond in a way that relates to the context. TBI affects this ability and often results in unsuccessful social interactions that, ultimately, may contribute to an even more unsuccessful learning environment.
Thus, while TBI is a physical and mental injury, it can cause both social and cognitive impairments. It is crucial to obtain a basic understanding of the long term effects of TBI and how those effects might impair social and cognitive functioning in order to support TBI patients. Throughout this paper, I will research and describe the social and cognitive aspects including memory, attention, and social control, while addressing the following question: To what extent do long term effects of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in adolescents impair social and cognitive functioning in a learning environment? ... This leads me to conclude that based on past research, studies reveal how students with Traumatic Brain Injury suffer from long term effects that
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