The Most Common Mental Health Problem Of Children Today

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“You really should pay more attention to your work, son; and sit down somewhere. You’re moving too much!” He dreads the repetition in this statement, as it endorses such a daunting task for a young boy like him. In his slighted moments of weakness, the idea of paying more attention can seem so unfathomable that the suggestion alone can be viewed as an insult to his condition. A mental debilitation rendering our young child to the instinct of a baby cub, a bear or lion maybe. A playful genius constantly in motion, forever searching for a new territory to explore. Loud, but brilliant, he finds himself succumbing to the quicksand pool of academic failure because he cannot sit still long enough to read Where the Red Fern Grows to his classmates. He has ADHD and forgot to take his pill this morning, thus third grade English is sure to be a struggle today for all involved. Claimed by many psychologists and psychiatrists alike as ‘the most common mental health problem in children today’, Attention Deficit/ Hyperactive Disorder, or ADHD, has stunted the minds and actions of children for what medically has been documented to be decades, but realistically could define centuries of adolescent behavior. It has even been noted to be the root of early stages for other psychological issues that may develop in the psyche of a person traversing life, such as depression and bi-polar disorder. Explained in a scholarly article by Dr. Gayle Zieman for RelayClinical Education (Feb…
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