The Most Common Neurological Disorder

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Informative Essay Epilepsy can appear during any ages and it appears in animals and humans. It is the fourth most common neurological disorder. Epilepsy is a disorder when a person or an animal has unpredictable seizures. Someone has a seizure when their brain has abnormal and sudden electrical activity. There are so many triggers for seizures, such as missing your medication, being sleep deprived, being extremely stressed, low blood sugar, and bright lights. Epilepsy is such a complex disorder, yet people make it seem like something small and simple thing. If you have a seizure one day, but do not ever have another one ever again, do you have epilepsy or was there just a trigger that happened in your life on that day? I have a close family friend, that I went to high school with, and when I was a sophomore I was interrupted on my way out of school, because another one of my friends had come up to me and inform me that my friend had a seizure while we were in class. I went to the classroom where my mother and her mother meet me later. I rode to the hospital with her. She did not eat that day and she had low blood sugar when it was tested at the hospital. So did she just have a seizure of does she have epilepsy? The doctors let her go home and she came back to school the next day. About a week later, she had another one. More and more appeared, and the doctors could not understand why. With no answers, she was diagnosed with epilepsy. There are some tests that people

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