The Most Common Type of Medical Errors Essay

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Cognitive errors of omission and commission are the most common types of medical errors that will happen in the workplace environment. The omission is an error that will occur when action has not been taken or when something has been left out. For example: An operator forgetting to save an updated file on a computer system before starting of the new file. Error of commission basically performing a correct action at the wrong time or vice versa. For example, a worker subtracting figure of the product instead of adding the value. Cognitive Error categorised into two levels: • Errors at the skill based levels • Errors at the rule and knowledge based levels Errors at the skill based levels Errors at the skill based level divided into…show more content…
In US, to turn something on there is an expectation of control movement up, to the right, forward, or clockwise. The table below shows most common stereotypes: Redundancy The reliability of a system can be improved through the introduction of redundancy in the system. Some of the examples of redundancy in the operation are as below: • Two or more workers need to agree on certain action before the action is executed • Two or more signals should be present from the machine before a worker can take action. Feedback Feedback is one of the essential aspect to detect faults in a system. In an industrial setting, the operator’s task is to classify items as ‘good’ or ‘faulty’ according to pre-established criteria. Executing an action and receiving feedback are two important variables affecting our ability to carry out continuous tasks. These are some of the examples of feedback which every individual receives in their daily life: • Bank Statement • Bills • Receipts The design of feedback requires careful consideration. Major trends may be obscured by minor variations if the grain size of the feedback is too small. Alternatively, the patterning of feedback over time may be just too complex for the user to extract meaning from it. If the grain size is too big or large, people may not be able to map the information in the feedback onto specific behaviours amenable to self modifying.
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