The Most Controversial Question Of Happiness

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The controversial question of what happiness is arises in the minds of many people almost daily. Happiness is a contentment, a life satisfaction, something that brings pleasure to your state of mind. It is known statistically there are three main things that determines happiness 50% is genetic 40% actions and thoughts, and 10% external circumstances. (Sanders). There are many different questions that need to be answered about happiness. A main one that is the most controversial is, can money buy happiness? There are many that feel like their money brings them happiness but there are many other people that oppose to that statement. People think that scientifically money does not buy you happiness and it just makes you greedy and selfish. Researchers…show more content…
We should not have a piece of paper be the center role of all the lives that we need to live daily. It could either be for the better of our lives, making us satisfied bringing our happiness up or could turn out for the worst but it all comes to an extent. Someone who is selfish with their money and spends it mostly on themselves cannot compare their happiness to others who give their money to people who are in need of it. When people have a reasonable amount of money it makes them satisfied with the way things are going. They know how to balance out their bills and expenses without becoming overly stressed. While people with too much money become overwhelmed with the thought of where all that extra money is going and if it is going to a good cause. When it comes to happiness it is a never ending cycle that could make or break your life while money has an ending to it. The meaning of the word happiness is so much bigger than one could think and although money is a main key to some people and being happy, it is not about the possession of the money itself but how to balance out the money that can fulfill the needs of someone’s
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