The Most Critical Area Of Learning Needs For Students With Autism

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The most critical area of learning needs for students with autism are communication, self-care and daily living skills, social skills, basic academic skills (literacy and numeracy), self regulation and self direction, independent functioning in the community and employability. (Westwood 2007, p. 25) Contemporary literacy learning for students with autism therefore needs to reflect the seven areas, however, students will not be motivated to learn if their point of entry is not coupled with student interests and delivered with an inclusive and positive, strength based approach. The educator will need to conduct research and possibly undertake a field trip to the student’s home so that the student’s family culture becomes known to the educator as all children have virtual schoolbags that are full but only some children get the opportunity to make use of what’s inside during their school lives (Comber and Kamler 2004). Wood (2005, p. 3) says “critical literacy in the social world of students is the context for literacy instruction and learning’. Part of being inclusive will be to equip students with autism with mutimodal forms of information that are available so that they can participate in modern times in a modern world (Baker 2006, p. 371). Visual, gestural, kinaesthetic and three dimensional learning play a key role in communicative practices involving awareness of lived cultural practice, global connections, and identity issues and felt emotions (Baker 2010, p. 66).…
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