The Most Crucial Problem of Philippine: Deforestation

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Philippine Deforestation: Final Paper Deforestation is one of the most crucial problem of the Philippines today, because of poor economic performance, weak polices, legal institutions and government laws, increasing population, poverty, corruption , agricultural expansion and lastly, extensive commercial logging activities. Philippines is a beautiful country rich in its biodiversity and natural resources, the country has 7,107 islands with a land area of 300,000 square kilometers. Unfortunately, the total forest cover in the Philippines has dramatically declined by 80% from 1900 to 2000. The forest is now down to 17.9% of the whole country. Philippines fall in the category of one of fastest loss of forest cover around the world. According to World Bank Statistics, “Philippines ranks 4th among the world’s top 10 most threatened forest hotspots. If 157,400 ha per year rate of deforestation continues than the Philippines remaining forest cover will be eradicated in less than 40 years” (World Bank Statistic 2012). According to World Resources Institute, “stagnant economies and increasing population have degraded the land in the Philippines, and deforestation is caused because of the ever increasing agriculture and illegal logging” (World Resources Institute 2012). Before the Spanish Colonization of Philippines, over 90% of the whole country was covered by rainforest. For a period of 300 years, Spanish colonists began to settle in the Philippines where they created
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