The Most Damaging Types Of Trauma

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Introduction In the immediate, as well as long-term aftermath of exposure to trauma, children are at risk of developing significant emotional and behavior difficulties (CWIG, 2012). The most damaging types of trauma include early physical and sexual abuse, neglect, emotional/psychological abuse, exposure to domestic violence and other forms of child maltreatment (Hoch, 2009). Research has shown that children that are exposed to these types of trauma will experience developmental delays including language and verbal processing. Also, they will have risk of poor physiological and psychosocial functioning, and will be vulnerable to emotional and behavioral dysregulation disorders, thus, leading to an increase risk of poor outcomes including substance abuse, suicidality, teen pregnancy and paternity, criminal activity, and revictimization (Hoch, 2009). Recognizing a need for mental health professionals efficient in trauma-informed care for these children, Judy Cohen, MD, Ester Deblinger, PhD, and Anthony Manarino, PhD, developed Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT), to serve as a specialized treatment approach to responding to the needs to these youth. TF-CBT helps children that have experienced traumatic events overcome the symptoms that may be left behind. According to the National Center for Child Traumatic stress, TF-CBT provides education and understanding of common reactions and symptoms that may result from sexual abuse and other forms of trauma. This type
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