The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connell

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Whenever you hear the word evil or immoral, what pops up into your head? The character General Zaroff from a story called “The Most Dangerous Game” written by Richard Connell pops up into my head. General Zaroff is a man who lives on an island called Ship-Trap Island. Zaroff proves his immorally so many ways in the story. He lures sailors onto this island by using a bright light to trap them into a fake cannel, kidnaps the sailors, and then hunts them. Zaroff is an evil person who kills humans for the fun of it. Zaroff considers killing humans a sport, does not think it is murder, and forced the main character, Rainsford, in the book to be hunted. General Zaroff hunts humans and does not think it is murder. General Zaroff was explaining how he has dogs that he releases on the third day of the hunt. Then, he started to talk about how he keeps human heads. Rainsford did not want to see the human heads at all. “‘And now,’ said the general, ‘ I want to show you my new collections of heads. Will you come with me to the library?’” (Connell 227). Zaroff mentions that he keeps humans heads that he hunted, and seems to be proud of it. Having human heads mounted shows his evilness. Whenever General Zaroff was telling Rainsford about hunting humans, he did not seem like he regretted it at all. He seems very proud he found a new way to seize his boredom for hunting. Zaroff explained, “‘Life is for the strong, to be lived by the strong, and if need be taken by the
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