The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connell

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One method Richard Connell uses to create suspense in “The Most Dangerous Game” is slowing down the exposition with the purpose of dragging it out and creating a pace that keeps the reader waiting in a prolonged state of suspense. For example, on page 9, Rainsford stumbles upon the chateau after washing up on Ship-Trap island where he is greeted by its owner, saying “‘It is a very great pleasure to welcome Mr. Sanger Rainsford, the celebrated hunter, to my home...I am General Zaroff.’” Connell is using this part of the story to introduce a primary character, General Zaroff, which is a typical component of the exposition; however, it is unique in that he has taken four pages so far and has barely brought the soon to be antagonist into the…show more content…
As a whole, the exposition is used by Richard Connell as a means of creating suspense because its pace is slowed down to a point that leaves readers waiting in suspense for what will happen next but with it still moving enough to prevent it from getting too boring. Another way Richard Connell uses the plot of the story to create suspense occurs during the rising action, in which he builds suspense by simultaneously building intensity. In one of the first events of the rising action, immediately following his release from the chateau to be followed by General Zaroff, Rainsford makes a complicated trail around the island in hopes of confusing Zaroff and throwing him off his path; however, the skillful general demonstrates his extreme finesse in the hunting scene by tracking Rainsford to the tree where he lay to rest before nightfall. In this first level, Zaroff is the only thing Rainsford has to compete with, and Connell uses this passage to show just how savvy he is in hunting as well as the gravity of the situation Rainsford has found himself in. The next day of the hunt, Rainsford constructs a Malay man-catcher, which he intends to use as a trap for Zaroff. Once again, the general demonstrates his superior skills as he senses the trap soon enough
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