The Most Dangerous Game Essay

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I will be comparing the video verion of The Most Dangerous Game to the story. I will be telling what was the same , and what was different . By comparing and contrasting the story to the movie. I will be addressing these similarities and differences in three catigories characters , events , and setting of the Most Dangerous Game. I will talk about each of the catigories in three separate paragraphs. And I will be comparing the movie to the story and the story to the movie. I also will state how they potrea the same things and other aspectes of the movie and story that are the same and different. I hope you enjoy my similarity and different comparisons. This paragraph is comparing and contrasting the…show more content…
But in the movie the girl was sent with him and, that he only had sunrise to sun set. Then hes is put in the jungle to be hunted. Rainsford sets traps tring to catch Zoraff. The traps were the same in the book and movie. This paragraph is about the different and same events that take place both in the story and the movie. Rainsfords boat exploded in the movie it didn't in the story. In the movie Zoraff takes people in his trophy room before killing them. The descusion between Zoraff and Rainsford is the same about him hunting people. When Rainsford was put in the jungle he made a trail tring to fool Zoraff thats the same in both the book and movie. In the movie Zoraff had a bow an arrow at first. In the book he just had a gun. In the movie the falling tree didn't injure Zoraff. Rainsford and the girl hid behind the waterfall in the movie to escape. In the book Zoraff let him leave . In the movie he had to kill Zoraff to escape. I hope you enjoyed my comparison paper on the most dangerous game. I tried to tell you as many details as possible about the characters setting and events. I hope this movie / story seemed interesting to you thanks for taking the time to read it. Writing it was most enjoyable. BY: Jane
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