The Most Dangerous Game: Why Focus Doesn T Do

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Have you ever tried to get your work done, but can't focus? Thinking if you forgot to lock the house, left the oven on, or forgot to drop the kid off at daycare all can be very distracting things, but if you focus these won't be problems. Focus is where you have all of your attention on one thing. If, you can't focus on anything you'll most likely not get it done. In “the most dangerous game” Rainsford didn't allow his feelings to take control of him, so that helped him stay on track and realize what was important. Focusing is key to getting things done, because it doesn't allow our brains to stray off topic, and let our emotions get a hold of us. Rainsford pursues this by saying “I will not lose my nerve. I will not.” Louie Zamperini
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