The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connel

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There are many themes and literary elements included in this piece. This story has a third person point of view. It is set in the mid-1930s, and takes place in the Caribbean Sea at Ship-Trap Island.
The conflict in this story is man vs. man and man vs. nature. The first, man vs. man, is the most obvious and recognizable conflict in that it shows the main conflict for the protagonist. Rainsford finds himself pitted against his host, General Zaroff, struggling to stay alive. Man vs. nature occurs as he is running through the jungle away from Zaroff. He must use his surroundings to his advantage to save himself. It is also seen when he encounters the quicksand, and when he reaches the ocean
The opening of the story introduced the reader to some important themes. One of the first things is the conversation between Rainsford and Whitney’s about the pleasure of hunting. Rainsford is a skeptic and believes that animals do not experience feelings or thoughts. He clearly establishes a hierarchy between man and beast. This relationship is revisited throughout the story. A theme that is introduced during this part of the story is the nature of evil. Again, this is briefly discussed between Rainsford and Whitney on the ship. Both of these themes foreshadow the experience that Rainsford has later on the island. Their conversation early on in the text helps prepare the reader for what is to…
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