The Most Dangerous Game versus The Child by Tiger Essay

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The conflict of good and evil presents itself in “The Most Dangerous Game” and “The Child by Tiger” in two completely different ways. One story being commercial fiction and the other being literary fiction, there are many ways of viewing variables such as good versus evil, realistic versus unrealistic stories and moral significance. The stories have different voices and are meant for different audiences, but in viewing the overall moral importance of both fictional works, the story with a greater moral significance is “The Child by Tiger”. The plot in “The Most Dangerous Game” is simple, obvious and unrealistic. There is a “good guy” trying to escape from the “bad guy” who lives on Ship-Trap Island. Rainsford clumsily tumbles off of…show more content…
In “The Most Dangerous Game” the characterization is set up into stereotypes: the villain, Zaroff, and the hero, Rainsford. Zaroff is considered evil because he likes to hunt, preferably animals with reason (people, in other words), and he has a man servant, Ivan, who happens to be a deaf-mute. Rainsford is the good guy in the story. He doesn’t believe in manslaughter but instead justice and decency. These two characters alone make up the characterization simply because one is good and one is evil, neither of them is considered both good and evil, as opposed to Dick in “The Child by Tiger”. Dick is the only source of characterization, but he is enough. Dick is complex, containing the characteristics of both a hero and villain. Other characters in the story are flat and are there to portray Dick through the eyes of the others. In the beginning of the story Dick is portrayed as a respectable, intelligent person. Wolfe shows through Dick’s transformation into a “bad guy” that any good person can turn evil given any setting. The setting in “The Most Dangerous Game” isn’t sensible to the reader’s eye. On a secluded, uncharted island, there is a castle with electricity. Zaroff imports animals and food periodically, and he happens to also have a big friend, Ivan, with him. The setting in “The Child by Tiger”, however, is set in a real time period in an actual place. At a time of segregation in the southern United States, Dick, a black man, is in an

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