The Most Dangerous Job Essay

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In "The Most Dangerous Job" excerpted from the book Fast Food Nation, by Eric Schlosser, it discusses the issues of the meat packing industry in the early 1900's in the genre of fiction. It describes the factory in a grotesque manner. The meat packing industry was known as having less strict regulations compared to now. The OSHA should have more firm regulations for the meat packing industry and local restaurants.
"The Most Dangerous Job" has a contrast of pathos to ethos and logos, to persuade his audience with a more logical context. "The Jungle" by Upton Sinclair consistently uses pathos in the argument of their passage to give an exaggerated tone. Both articles use this method to draw in their viewers with adjectives relating to
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The slaughterhouse is one of the nation's largest. About five thousand head of cattle enter it every day, single file, and leave in a different form (Sinclair)." In this sentence, it was using logos in the starting of the passage to inform his audience. "Someone who has access to the plant, who's upset by its working conditions, offers to give me a tour (Sinclair)." This sentence used logos to persuade his viewers that people from the factory were upset because of the working conditions, and decided to show him the poor quality they were operating in. "The slaughterhouse is an immense building, gray and square, about three stories high, with no windows on the front and no architectural clues to what's happening inside (Sinclair)." This sentence contained pathos to describe what the outside of the factory looked in an ominous setting.
In "The Jungle," it's set during the early 1900's in fiction in 3rd person point of view, while the "The Most Dangerous Job" is set during present day in nonfiction in 1st person point of view. Both have similarities and a contrast between each other. "The Jungle" consists of mainly pathos and logos, while "The Most Dangerous Job" has primarily ethos, logos, and pathos together in a balanced tone.
Both articles exaggerate about the meat packing industry to persuade viewers that the factories have corrupted their workers. "Jesus says the stench in rendering is so powerful
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