The Most Dangerous Person Of The World

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The Most Dangerous Person in the World Tuesday, September eleventh 2001, four planes were on a track for total destruction. Three planes reached their destination, two flew into the twin towers, one into the Pentagon, and the final one crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.This attack killed 2,996 people and injured more than six thousand others. These attacks were orchestrated by the terrorist group known as Al-Qaeda (Staff, 1). Paris, France, Friday, November thirteenth 2015, seven terrorist attacks were masterminded by Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a member of the Islamic State. These strikes came in a series that started with a bombing at the “Stade de France”, and ending with an eighty-nine person killing spree in the “Bataclan Concert Hall”. A recount of the event stated that over one hundred and thirty people died and over six-hundred people were injured (Steafel, 1). These events rocked the world, and gave unprecedented prejudice against people of the Islamic faith. Many people around the world believe that one of these groups contain the most dangerous person in the world. However, this person is closer than many would like to believe. This person has the capability to kill billions, he can make a whole government stop in the matter of days; and he is in charge of the most powerful military in the world (Kinzer 1). President Barack Obama is the most dangerous person in the world. Elaine a young college student who was doing a project about Mr. Obama states, “Barack Obama is a
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