The Most Difficult Day Of My Life

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The date is July seventh, the final day of my week long intensive wrestling camp at the Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland. I woke up that day at four thirty in the morning and was so excited to finally see my family again. The excitement was so profound as I woke, I completely forgot why I woke up at four thirty in the first place. Then, it hit me. Internally I said, “Oh no, this morning is the Wet and Sandy workout. The most difficult day of my life”. The Wet and Sandy workout had achieved its reputation of being ‘the worst day of a person 's life,’ because of the difficulty and unusual environment the workout was conducted in. I had already been at the camp for six days and the workouts so far, were some of the most challenging I had…show more content…
Another ten minutes passed and the megaphone exclaimed, “FEET”. Almost instinctively at that point my squad repeated, “FEET” and stood up. “We said to be here at four thirty five, while you all made it on time, it does NOT pay to be a loser. Therefore, we have decided to punish the last five people who came to roll call. Now, crawl on your hands and feet to the Bay area for this morning 's workout,” the seals stated within a menacing tone. I began the two-mile long trek on my hands and feet and knew I would stay in this position until I reached Bay. About one mile into the disgustingly difficult task, it began to rain, hard. As I crawled ever forward behind my squad members who were running, the pouring rain filled the dirt path with mud. I was essentially swimming in a foot of muddy water, and the only thing that came to my mind is “Don 't give up”. Every ten feet or so I would look ahead and mark a tree in the distance and say to myself “just get to that tree, if you get to that tree, then everything will be alright”. My method of pushing forward, eventually got me to the Bay. While I was completely exhausted, my squad members were fine because they got to run on two feet, I had to run on four. The workout, appropriately titled “Wet and Sandy” was set to begin. “Okay, now that everybody is here run into the Chesapeake Bay and cover yourself with as much sand as possible. You have thirty seconds. Go”. I bolted to the beach and dove head

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