The Most Difficult Professional Decision I Have Made in the Last Five Years

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Critically analyze the most difficult professional decision you have made in the last five years SEQ CHAPTER h 1 I am currently a project manager at IBM. Every task for a project manager is difficult, but without a doubt the most difficult task I have ever had to assume was to step into the role of a manger when a project was floundering. The team was dispirited and had lost its work ethic. A series of delays in the completion of tasks necessary for the project had led to a sense of futility. The team seemed to merely be marking time, waiting for the enterprise to fizzle out of its own accord. When dealing with such a situation, the project manager must step in and provide the new influx of energy to revitalize the project once again. First, I called a meeting to explain to members of the team what management felt was going wrong, and also to find out what they believed was going wrong. This was essential, given that simply asking employees in a free-form style could have led to chaos, but pointing the finger at the team without soliciting their input would have created a wall of intransigence. It would also have denied me a critical source of information about why the project had gone off-track. Together, we established a new work schedule to ensure that objectives could be completed in a more timely fashion. The team redefined its mission and its core tasks and responsibilities. Hitting the 'reset' button was necessary, given that the team had become highly

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