The Most Effective General Managers

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1. Executive summary

According to Boyer and Associates (2010), a General Manager (GM) “is not a job but a position”. He further states that a GM is a focal point and has the authority to impact immediately any area of a business. This tells us that such a position must be occupied by someone that has relevant experience, the right attitude and necessary skills to make a positive contribution.

It is therefore crucial to understand the characteristics to look for when employing a GM. In this report, your attention will be drawn to the most relevant characteristics to be possessed by a GM.

2. Research findings
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This can also be explored as an option from now going forward.

4. Possible shortfalls in general management

One of the shortfalls is that, not all the time that a GM using charismatic leadership style may be fully effective. Boyer and Associates stated that charismatic leaders, “…are threatened by individuals who are free thinkers and strive to develop their own skills”.

Myres (2012) from Milpark Business School stated that, GMs who used to be experts in some functions find it difficult to adjust to management. This could mean an organization is not being fully managed when Managers are not managing.

If a GM has limited managerial experience, tasks are delegated without accountability. Things go loose and later the organization operates at an average level. This links to the inability of identifying potential and creativity that needs to be enhanced. Staff never finds satisfaction in these cases.

A GM that fails to take quick but informed decisions may delay business growth. However, some decisions require that a GM consults with the person who supervises him/her.

Some GMs fear to take decisions or to raise professional advises as they may be fired for doing so. Walton (2012) reported that Gary Webster was fired by his Toronto Transit Commission after providing a professional opinion that the company could not afford more subways. This may

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