The Most Effective Method Of Sex Education

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Tory Waver Scott Macrae Section – 0266 The Most Effective Method of Sex Education INTRODUCTION Sex is a touchy subject and administrators all over the country have spent years trying to figure out the best way to teach their minors about it. Sex education in America is crucial because we are known for our high rates of pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections among teenagers. However, things like religion, morals, and rights are factors that have swayed the education system making it harder to determine the “right” way to teach sex education. There are two methods of which sex education can be taught - abstinence only or comprehensively. For my ethnography project, I chose to examine the difference in effectiveness between the two forms of sex education. I interviewed individuals from younger and older generation to find out the changes in sex education from the past to now and to determine what factors have led to the reduction of teen pregnancies and STI’s in America, thus helping me find out what methods are more successful. BACKGROUND America, being one of the leading countries for high rates of teen pregnancies and STI’s, has ensured that every state is somehow involved in sex education for students. Each educational institution however, has its own method of carrying out that education meaning that the effects vary virtually across every school. In terms of abstinence-only and comprehensive sex education, both sides argue that their approach is

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